Nicole and Brenton are two incredible coaches. I was fortunate enough to have Nicole as an coach for a good part of 2015. Nicole paid so much attention to every aspect of everyone’s lifts. She would break down each lift into what we did best and what we could do better. She was one of the most supportive and helpful coaches I have ever worked with. Her ability to catch every detail of a lift with 6 or more athletes in the room is remarkable. While I will always miss her outstanding coaching here in South Texas, I entered 2016 at a Hurley Barbell in Spring, Texas and PR’d everything! 245 C&J, 185 Snatch and 455 Back Squat.

Chris Arsenault


Nicole and Brenton are awesome! They are both phenomenal athletes as well as coaches! They have the passion a client needs from a coach to help them achieve anything. They do not disappoint!

Justin L Dubs


Awesome coaches and even greater people! They will work diligently to help you reach your goals and are there every step of the way!

Sabrina Storms