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What's Included In Every Program?

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    Initial Movement Assessment: 
    We will be assessing movement using a movement screen analysis that will take you through seven different positions that are meant to expose imbalances, weakness, or improper movement patterns in clients. Through this screen, we will be able to better understand what we need to work on and include in your individual programming in order to make you a healthier and more comfortable athlete. We will revisit this screen on a monthly basis to assess progress and improvement while we continue to better movement. 
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    Initial and monthly Goal Setting Meetings: 
    We want to know WHY you are here and what your MAIN GOAL is when showing up to the gym every day. Through these goal setting meetings, we will create realistic timelines and expectations as both coach and athlete as well as ensuring we are moving toward accomplishing exactly it is YOU want to do. Everyone has different goals and reasons for choosing to exercise and we want to honor that through a personal meeting to better understand you.
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    Honor Your Nutrition’s Simple Macro Set (nutrition service):
    This is a basic nutrition service through Nicole's business valued at $44. She will gather information from you and develop daily Macro-nutrient intake recommendations based on the goals discussed. You will also Receive a basic “Starter Guide” that will cover some issues or questions that we find people run into when they are first starting off. In the event you would need a reassessment and reset of numbers once your body weight, body fat, or goals, significantly change, she will provide a new set of numbers in accordance with your new data/goals. Learn more about Honor Your Nutrition HERE.
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    programming based on your goals:
    Because each of our clients have different goals, we know that everyone's daily program should not be identical. Each member at Honor Your Barbell will receive personal programming based around their movement screen results and specific goals that have been discussed. This will ensure that everyday you come in to train, you are moving closer toward accomplishing exactly what you want!
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    personal profile on TRUCOACH:
    In order to make everyone's individualized program easily available to them, we are teaming up with TruCoach where we will write, record, track, and communicate between coach and athlete to stay organized and progressive. FitBot is a simple to use application that can be accessed through the web as well as having a mobile platform.  No need searching a website, simply open up your email inbox each morning and your daily program will be there! Learn more about TruCoach HERE.
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    The key to accomplishing goals is consistency. You will get to work and experience the coaching methods of all the coaches on staff, but each member will have a "main coach" that they will report to based on goals and program design. This will ensure that the same set of eyes is working on your program in order to make it cohesive and progressive toward what you are looking to accomplish!
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    train on your time:
    We do not have specific class times, or a group fitness schedule. If our doors are open, you are welcome to come in for a workout. This takes the stress out of trying to rush to the gym, fearing being late, or having to miss a workout because your schedule does not line up. Take a look at our GYM SCHEDULE and come when you are ready!



3 Days a week




  • 3 Days of programming
  • Nutrition
  • TruCoach App

*No sign up fees. Month to month payments coming out on the 1st

Discount pricing available for teachers, health care providers, service men/women, and students.

General Physical Preparedness

Most of our individuals fall in this program as it is the most broad and inclusive.  This program will increase your all around fitness and make you stronger and more conditioned for anything life throws at you!  This program can be tweaked and tailored in countless ways to focus on achieving personal goals all the way from high level competitors in the sport of fitness to grandparents who just want to stay active. As always, movement quality is most important to us, and we will not push to increase load or speed until proper movement patterns are achieved. 



This is a program for those individuals who enjoy utilizing weightlifting as their main exercise focus. If you are a current competitor, aspire to be a competitor, or just enjoy training the lifts and maintaining a linear progression of strength and technique - this track is for you. In addition to the snatch and clean and jerk, we will incorporate a variety of accessory, circuit, and conditioning pieces that will compliment, not hinder your lifting program to ensure that we are keeping our cardiovascular system stimulated as well!

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

This is for the client who is coming to us to improve their performance in another sport.  Whether you are a high school basketball athlete, a collegiate football player home for the summer, or an adult who is currently playing minor league baseball - we have a program that is specifically designed for you!  We will incorporate drills and exercises that will have direct carry over to your sport and we will work on the very specific goal of making you the very best you can be in your sport.

Personal Training

Honor Your Barbell also offers personal training sessions as well as small group sessions (2 or 3 people). We understand that some members are new to fitness and the gym setting. Having the option to spend some 1 on 1 time with a coach can ease the transition and make you feel more comfortable as you work on specific movements and exercises. Having a coach’s full attention can allow them to help improve and perfect movement patters to make your overall fitness experience better! Even our experienced members and competitors can benefit greatly from personal training sessions. This is your time to be 1 on 1 with a coach to attack very specific aspects of training or movement that may need more time and attention than is available in your day to day program.