Daily Exercise – What is the Benefit?

Working on our fitness can be challenging; but the benefits we reap from it outside of the gym will pay off ten fold!  Whenever we consider a workout plan for our clients, we always try to think about life outside of our gym walls. What is going to make this person a better.... PERSON! We wanted to take a quick moment and examine some of the key components of everyday life that will improve with a consistent exercise routine:

Body Awareness - Gaining basic body awareness is an overlooked benefit of working out consistently.  We constantly hear our clients tell us about autocorrecting slouching posture at work after working on the correct back position in a deadlift the prior night in the gym.  Those are amazing things to hear as a coach as that is a direct benefit of practicing good movement during time in the gym.  Improved body awareness means better coordination, better footwork, and correct firing of movement patterns all around.  Not only does this keep us in better anatomical positions as we age, but it will decrease the amount of bone and joint issues, as well as lessen the risk of injury.  Having better body awareness will ultimately provide more confidence and self worth!

Energy - One aspect of everyday life where a significant difference can be noticed almost immediately is daily energy levels!  Exercising builds natural stamina for everyday life. Long work days, kids, multiple appointments and meetings - all require a lot of energy!  It may seem counterintuitive that spending an hour on strenuous exercise will actually give you more energy for these non-stop life tasks.  However, that is a fact.  Exercise releases endorphins, which is the “feel good” hormone in our bodies that also works to reduce the feeling of stress.  Because of this, it allows us to feel better and be less stressed in our daily lives - at work, home, and social settings.  This natural stimulant is the key to a higher level of energy for daily life!

Sleep - Do you currently have problems sleeping? Did you know that this could actually be based on your activity levels - or lack of them - throughout the day? If you want to learn more about sleep's impact on your recovery and performance (click here).  But, if you are not getting restful sleep each night, you are going to struggle at work, at home, and anywhere else in your day to day life. Daily exercise will improve sleep quality and will increase sleep duration (think about your efforts to tire out a toddler or puppy so that they sleep well through the night!).  Adults are no different!  Exercising will aid in a good night's sleep by reducing stress and exhausting your body and mind for the day.

Aesthetic Improvement - This one is probably the most sought after so I do not want to leave it un-noticed!  Whether we want to admit it or not, a big reason we spend time exercising is to look better.  That is totally fine!  Improving aesthetics is a great goal to have as that will build self confidence and make you more and more comfortable in your own skin.  This will pour over to how you carry yourself at work, in your relationships, meeting strangers - and everything in between! We are amazed by the amount of clients that come through our doors self conscious, nervous, and timid both in their actions and their body language.  However, it never fails that in a matter of just a few sessions there is an aura of confidence beaming off of them!  Improving the way we look is often the number one thing that keeps us coming back to exercise consistently.  If that is the main motivation we all need to continue to reap the other great benefits of exercise, we are all for it!

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