For years, our coaching staff has been on their own individual paths in the fitness industry working with clients and athletes of all walks of life better themselves.  Through this experience, we have come to realize that everyone has very unique gifts and talents to offer the world and they should be highlighted and celebrated.  Nicole uses a life motto of “HONOR YOUR GIFTS”, which reminds us all to do just that.  Get up everyday with the intention to HONOR the gifts and talents that were given specifically to us by God.  Each of us can work on finding a way to use these gifts to better our own lifestyle and the lifestyle of others around us.      

From this abstract idea of honoring your gifts grew the concrete structure Honor Your Barbell - a fitness facility where everyone’s desire to use, and continue to better, their physical capabilities is encouraged.  Age, gender, physical capability, and lifestyle are never limiting factors. We all have a goal we are looking to reach, and we can all put our gifts out on the table to help each other get there! Everyone has unique strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the world.  Here at HONOR YOUR BARBELL, we are constantly working together on those three aspects to BE BETTER - in fitness, in nutrition, and in life!

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